Koko Likes Pesto Pizza (and answer to Ndume quiz)

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Photographer: Penny Patterson

Source: Gary Stanley

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As you can see, Koko is really enjoying her personal size Pesto pizza, topped with soy cheese, broccoli and other toppings. She doesn”t eat “tomato” pizza because it seems to affect her joints (Penny has the same problem).

Now what about the other 2/3 of the answer to the KokoPix quiz we posed on Dec. 26? Well, Ndume likes tomato pizza rather than pesto, and that strange looking fruit he was eating in that photo is called Chayote, and is shown above in the lower inset. Chayote is a Mexican squash that is also referred to as a “vegetable pear” and it”s flesh is similar to that of a water chestnut (according to gourmetsleuth.com). The Gorilla Foundation”s food prep staff (headed by Jen Upson) likes to keep the gorilla”s diet both healthy and eclectic.