Ndume”s Simple Tastes (correction to last week”s quiz)

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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Here Ndume is enjoying some kale.

We thought this would be a good photo opportunity to correct our answer to the previous “What”s Ndume Eating?” quiz (see KokoPix Dec. 26 for the question, and KokoPix Jan. 05 for the incorrect answer). It turns out that Ndume was NOT eating the exotic squash “chayote,” but was simply eating honeydew melon. We should have waited for our Gorilla Chef, Jen Upson, to return from vacation for the answer – rather than trying to deduce it from the log book.
Jen says they did offer chayote to the gorillas, but Ndume never ate it. She also says: ” The gorillas both love all types of melon and they are very low calorie so we can give them gorilla sized pieces!”

Congratulations (and apologies) to those of you who emailed the right answer (and didn”t know it til now).