Koko, we can”t believe you ate the whole thing!

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: gary stanley and jen upson

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Koko enjoys a winter squash, on a cloudy day high above the ground, on a shelf in her outdoor yard.

According to Jen Upson, our head gorilla chef: “This particular veggie is a Small Flat Cheese Squash, now extremely rare, which is a shame because it”s so good – a dinner plate sized, ridged, flattened pale orange squash, with thick rich flavoured flesh.

“One of our volunteers works at an organic grocery store and he brought it in for Koko. We put it in the browse (produce mix) for her (whole and raw) up on her shelf and when she discovered it she devoured the whole thing in one sitting.

“Koko first opened it with her hands and shook off the seeds and slimy bits. She seemed very happy about it.”

And you probably thought (as we did) that it was just a pumpkin. Glad we asked the experts.