Koko”s windfall on Ndume”s birthday: the male counterpart of her “waterbaby”

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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Penny couldn”t have been happier or more surprised when she found a “male” version of Koko”s favorite doll, “waterbaby,” at the local rummage sale last week. Koko”s original waterbaby is a female human rubber baby doll that has a place to fill it up with water (that comes out when you squeeze it). Koko would take the female waterbaby with her everywhere, and hold it under her arm like a gorilla baby.

When Penny gave Koko Mr. Waterbaby (the one she”s holding in the photo), as a “you”re special too” present for Ndume”s birthday party earlier this week, Koko liked it so much that she has been ignoring Ms. Waterbaby ever since. One of the neat things about the male version is that the water comes out of his eyes (like tears) when you squeeze it. Will Koko favor Mr. Waterbaby (above right) forever, or will she remember her first “child?” Only Koko knows for sure – stay tuned for the sequel to this gripping soap opera.

Hopefully there”s a real gorilla baby in Koko”s future, which would be the happiest plot twist of all.