The Focus is on Koko

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Gary Stanley

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Koko is not the only one who can take a great photo (see the recent award for her self-portrait magazine cover). Dr. Ron Cohn, Koko”s male mentor and photo-documentarian, has been taking advantage of recent improvements in digital photography to obtain some great closeups of gorillas Koko and Ndume. In the one shown above, Koko”s stylish orange and blue background are intentionally out-of-focus renditions of construction mesh and plastic toys. This enables more striking detail – hence emotion – to be seen in Koko”s face. And Koko and Ndume are two very expressive gorillas.

Interestingly, Koko just finished a painting that looks a little like the background of this photo. We”ll show it to you later this week here in KokoPix. (Stay tuned.)