What is Koko thinking?

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: 060115_G2_IMG_4797_k_carous.JPG

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What do you think Koko is thinking as she looks at this carousel-like object? And what is this object anyway? A lamp, a music box, other? We can only infer what Koko is thinking by what she communicates to us in sign language coupled with her facial expresions, body language and context – but the same is true of humans, isn”t it? So email us your best guess, and we”ll let you know ours.

PS: Regarding the 2/6/06 KokoPix, where Koko was clapping at the tall buildings she saw in a ViewMaster, many people guessed that she was associating the slides with the movie “King Kong.” However, Koko has never seen the movie King Kong (old or new versions); it”s much too violent for Koko”s PG temperment. So her clapping overhead was probably just to indicate to Penny that she was looking at something tall. Good guess though!