Koko opens her Valentine”s Day presents

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: 060213_1dsm_VJ7A9804_k_val.jpg

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Koko receives Valentine”s Day presents from Penny, Ron and other admirers. Notice the smile on her face as she discovers her gifts include pretty pink and red pillows, fluffy rugs and stuffed animals. How did Koko”s admirers know what would make her happy? She told them, of course.

Regarding the question associated with the Feb. 12 KokoPix (“What is Koko Thinking”): Koko is looking at an electric music box in the form of a carousel. When the carousel is turned on, it plays various holiday songs while the carousel figures rotate. Koko has told us that she loves the musical carousel by requesting it often and listening to the music. What is she thinking at the moment of this photo? Probably not very much; she’s just listening to the music, and the silence between the notes . . .