Koko’s Wonder Dog: Rikki Power

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: 050115_G2_IMG_4851_rikki2.jpg

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Rikki Power is an extraordinary dog:
1) She’s the first dog that Koko has ever really liked having around almost as much as a kitten.
2) Though she’s only 1 year old (a Pound Puppy pup), Rikki has become the perfect gorilla watchdog, and sidekick for Max (who loves her almost as much as Flower).
3) She is so fast, that she often becomes just a blur on the radar screen for both humans and gorillas.
4) She’s an excellent gorilla playmate for one of their favorite games “chase” (she stays outside the mesh of course).
5) And, yes, she even responds to some sign language commands (like sit, stay, down and come) and uses a language board to convey important needs (sign language appears to be a useful tool for canine pups as well as human ones).

Join us in wishing Rikki Power a happy first birthday at The Gorilla Foundation.