Koko recognizes something in the fabric

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

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When Penny brought Koko a large piece of fabric decorated with green leaved trees and monkeys-dressed in blue pants and red vests-she didn”t exactly anticipate Koko”s response: First Koko signed: “Koko love.” Then “good.” Then Koko signed “that” pointing to one of the monkeys and then signed “lip” (Koko”s word for girl, and also for Penny).
Do you think that Koko was simply pointing out that Penny was wearing the same colors as the monkey (look carefully and you”ll see that Penny”s blue sweatshirt, worn under a pink vest, is the same color as the monkey”s pants)? Since Koko frequently makes color comparisons like this it is probably a good bet. (In fact Koko is often Penny”s unsolicited fashion advisor.
You never know which aspect of an object, event or concept Koko is going to focus on; she”s just as unpredictable as we are.