Happy Birthday, Koko!

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

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“For me?” Koko loves roses, and it”s so patient of her to sit calmly with them and pose for Ron”s camera, when you know that what she really wants to do is to eat them at the first opportunity.
On the other hand, according to Penny, Koko has developed an appreciation for the power of delayed gratification.

Please join us in wishing Koko a wonderfully happy 35th birthday on July 4th. Most of you know that Koko”s full name is Hanabiko, which means “fireworks child” in Japanese, and we expect plenty of fireworks at her birthday celebration today.

Stay tuned for Koko”s birthday photos, which will make their debut right here on KokoPix. (Even gorilla ambassadors can”t escape the watchful eye of the staff paparazzi.)