Koko is Egg-Baby ready …

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Photographer: Penny Patterson

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Koko and Ndume love these little “Egg Baby” squeak toys so much we keep having to buy backup supplies. The Egg Baby is a little rubber egg with a baby chiicken in the process of hatching out (you can see the little feet in the photo above).

Koko and Ndume use Egg Baby to get each other”s attention (and sometimes to tease). Wonder how much Koko will be using Eggy Baby during this Tuesday”s birthday celebration for Ndume. We”ll keep you posted.

You can see a closeup of an Egg Baby in Ndume”s hand in the 11/19/2004 edition of KokoPix.

And you can still make a donation in honor of Ndume”s birthday – and help us improve Koko and Ndume”s winter facilities – by clicking here.