It’s a wild party!

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

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You can use it to make a Rhino, you can use it to make a Goat, you can even use it to make a Unicorn; but you can’t use it to make an Alligator:
Koko puts her party hat (for Ndume’s birthday) on in various ways. When she puts it on her chin, Penny asks her if she’s making believe she’s an alligator. But Koko is smarter than that, and shows her by grabbing a nearby piece of paper, folding it in half, and making it open and close to show Penny how you really impersonate an alligator.

Just some of Ndume’s birthday warmups. We’ll show you some photos of Ndume enjoying (hopefully) his celebration starting tomorrow.

Thank you all for your wonderful presents and donations.