Gorilla Meets Giraffe

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Photographer: Penny Patterson

Source: iPhone

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Koko shows us her intelligence daily. She uses every resource available to her to express herself. An example of this happened this week. Koko was briefly introduced to a unique gift from a friend — a life-size plush baby giraffe. Penny was supposed to bring it inside for Koko to play with, but forgot! Not to worry however, because Koko remembered and promptly reminded Penny: As she often does in the afternoon, Koko was looking through her Highlights magazine and signed the name of the friend who gave her the giraffe, then pointed to a child’s drawing of a giraffe on the page in front of her (see photo below left). Penny put two and two together and brought the giraffe to Koko, who spent the rest of the afternoon with her new friend.