Koko loves your bday cards

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Source: Ron Cohn text message 8/22/2017 IMG_0555.jpg

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Koko loves to read birthday cards addressed to her.  She has been reading since she was a baby gorilla and Dr. Penny Patterson read to her while speaking and signing simultaneously.
We’re not sure esactly how much written English she understands, as we’ve never tested her reading comprehension (only her signing comprehension), but we know she understands a lot of words, and indicates which cards she likes best by kissing them, and handing them to Penny.
We’ve published some of her favorites on her website, here.
You can also send Koko your own belated birthday message — we’re reviewing them with her through September, and will continue to publish her favortes as new ones arise.
Thank you for being such an inspiration to Koko, the Gorilla Foundation, and all of our supporters around the world.
Your words encourage us to expand Koko’s influence around the world, to share her abilities with other captive great apes, and to accelerate our path to conservation through communication.