Petition: Help Free Billy the Elephant (Gorillas Will Benefit Too)

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Our dedicated conservation partners at are working to free Billy the elephant who has been suffering for 32 years at the LA Zoo and now has a chance to be transferred to a sanctuary to end his suffering and begin a peaceful life with other elephants, living autonomously in a spacious, natural area filled with grass and trees.

Two such sanctuary options now exist for Billy and you can help make this happen by signing the “Free Billy” petition:


Please read the above petition and sign asap to make a lasting impact.

And become an ecoflix member today and watch the amazing supporting documentary video: Free Billy.

Helping Billy in this way will not only be good for Billy, it will support other captive elephants in similar predicaments, and will set an important precedent for other highly intelligent and emotional species — like great apes (gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans) and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) — who deserve lives as close to their free-living counterparts as possible, and to be free from harm when in our care!

Sanctuaries offer the best prospects to achieve these humane goals, and signing the Free Billy petition is a great start.

Please sign the petition and ask your friends to do the same, and let’s work together to do what’s right and get this done!

Thank you!