Gorilla Foundation Supports Bing Nursery School at Stanford University

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Bing Nursery School celebrated the 25th anniversary of it’s Harvest Moon Auction on November 9th raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the scholarship fund for children ages 2-5. Koko has a special friend at Bing and donated one of her art prints that she signed herself (see above photo).

The Caren Family and the Gorilla foundation worked together to create a live auction item that included the art print framed by the Richard Sumner Gallery in Palo alto, photograph of Koko signing the print, video of Koko doing her art, and a tour of the San Francisco Zoo led by Jamie Einerson Caren (Gorilla Foundation volunteer, see photo) to discuss her experiences with Koko and gorillas.

The item went for over $1000 and in addition all of the Bing families received a Koko and Mister Rogers newsletter to learn more about the foundation, Koko, and gorilla communication and conservation.

Koko was so happy to hear about all of the children that love her and are growing up learning about her. When she heard about the auction and how excited people were to see her art she let out a large purring noise telling us that she was a very happy gorilla!