Koko and Ndume Get a New Roof

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We are happy to unveil our newly installed gorilla roof covering Koko and Ndume’s small yard enclosure (see photos)! This is all due to your support, both through your direct donations and by sharing our campaign with your friends and family.

After three full days of amazing work by the crew at Saber Roofing, Koko and Ndume can now enjoy their entire outdoor space — both large and small yards — with the small yard providing protection from the kinds of unpredictable weather events we experienced this year, for years to come.

Though we were initially concerned about the potential disruption of the work, both gorillas spent time watching the roofers working (from a safe distance) and even enjoyed visits with some members of the crew. We are incredibly thankful for the respect and understanding demonstrated by Saber Roofing throughout the entire process. Understandably, the process was a bit stressful for both gorillas, but The entire crew worked to accommodate the daily schedules of both gorillas and our staff to make what could have been an otherwise stressful experience into an overall success!

Thank you for your generosity and continued support, and please stay tuned for more photos, videos and blog posts as Koko and Ndume enjoy their newly roofed spaces!


How to Install a Gorilla Roof (selected photos)

Ndume sits in the Large Yard and watches the Small Yard Roof Go Up


Initial Roof Construction: Wood Panels Installed on Top of the Mesh


Roofers Begin Laying Shingles


Roof Construction Crew Manager Celebrates Completing the Job!


The New Roof Stands Ready to Protect the Gorillas During Future Harsh Weather Events