Koko Celebrates 31

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An early morning walk in the fog, special drinks, a peanut butter sandwich, chocolate, gifts. Birthday wishes fulfilled on July 4, 2002–Hanabi-Ko (Fireworks Child in Japanese) had a wonderful birthday celebration in Woodside CA. Koko specifically requested the drinks, sandwich and chocolate when asked what she wanted for her birthday, using signs from her extensive vocabulary. She also asked for “surprises.” The walk on the 6-acre Gorilla Foundation grounds is a birthday tradition. On the walk, we encountered several baby banana slugs. When I commented, “The endangered banana slug,” Koko signed “Shame.” Koko seems to be aware that endangered is not a good thing to be. Her favorite gift was a new bed. “Koko-love!” she exclaimed on seeing her Little Tykes® bed set, complete with fuschia sheets, pillows and a teddy bear. And love it she does. Koko spent most of the afternoon on her new bed (new to Koko; it was acquired at the Woodside Church rummage sale). When it was time to go out to the play yard, she took the foam mattress with her! Back inside for bedtime, she left her bed only to get her night treat and to use the toilet. Sweet dreams, Koko. . . . Penny Koko’s Favorite Foods Koko’s Favorite Gift ***Koko’s Online Biography   |   ***Birthday Press Release   |   Learn to Sign with Koko How You Can Help   |   ***Subscribe to KokoMail (free) Koko.org Home