Koko and Her Talking Computer (1991)

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Photographer: Ron Cohn

Videographer: Ron Cohn

Source: KokoArc Video 1158

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In this video we see Koko’s computer – a custom device that was provided by Apple’s Vivarium Program around 1990.
This equipment was installed in Koko’s room and had a touch screen with a number of icons depicting an item or an action with the word in text underneath. If one of the icons was tapped with a finger, a female voice said that world aloud.
Thus, giving Koko a voice.
Penny introduces the concept to Koko, and then they explore the machine. Koko was able to successfully use the computer to voice some signs and desires.  However, it was ultimately easier for Koko to sign a word than to find it on a screen a press the corresponding button.
Koko was able to communicate with us in a number of different ways, primarily via sign language.