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Eric Remington is a fully ordained Buddhist monk, and was a very close friend of Koko, especially during her latter years.  He has had many conversations with Koko and continues to be inspired by her presence..

Eric also helps maintain Koko’s former gorilla sanctuary in Northern California and has become an expert on the wildlife that continues to flourish there, including dozens of species of birds, reptiles and plants.

He writes poetry to convey the wisdom he has received through his close association with Nature, and with Koko (the “Voice of Nature”) and shares this unique and uplifting wisdom through this blog.

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Tony Rose, PhD, is currently president of the Biosynergy Institute, and of the Center for Studies of the Person.  He also served as the adjunct Director of Conservation for The Gorilla Foundation from 2000 – 2015, when he was the driving force behind disseminating books about gorillas Koko and Michael in Africa (particularly Cameroon) and co-authored the book “Michael’s Dream” with Dr. Penny Patterson.

Tony is a prolific author, speaker and visionary, who has much to offer the Kids4Koko community.  He is also greatly inspired by youth and hopes they can leapfrog his generation and turn things around quickly — by applying compassionate conservation values to everything they do and sharing these (Koko-inspired) values with everyone they know, physically and/or virtually.

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