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Chaz Neyman is a 7th grade student with a passion for
penguins (another endangered species). He learned about
Koko when he was 9, and was inspired by her kindness and
intelligence to paint her portrait and the logo that appear on
the Kids4Koko t-shirt (shown here).

Chaz is an award-winning gymnast and tumbler who also plays saxophone and oboe. He loves to ride his bike and skateboard and to be
outdoors, in Nature. And he enjoys sharing his extensive
knowledge of penguins, as you’ll see in his blog.

Chaz signed a special video message for Koko that includes the phrase, “Koko-Love is light.” We feature his words in the Kids4Koko intro video because they convey Koko’s positive message to us all—to value Nature.

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Sam is a 5th grade student who has a special connection
with all creatures. He loves to ride horses and his bike, and
stops on his rides to pet every dog he sees. Insects, birds,
lizards and mammals are drawn to him as a kindred spirit.
They understand each other.

Sam is an accomplished cellist and plays with the same
sensitivity and feeling he expresses for Nature. He has a
special bond with Koko and senses what she felt, though he
never met her in life. When Koko signed, “Man is stupid”
Sam agreed, and has made it his mission to help change
that—to make a difference in how humans view gorillas and
other species. When you meet him, we think you’ll want to
make a difference too.

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