Koko Teaches Ape Doll to Sign

This video shows Koko molding the hand of an orangutan doll to do the sign for “DRINK” after Penny asks her “Where does the baby drink?”  We think that Koko would have made an excellent mom, and taught her babies what she learned from us — which is often called “cultural transmission.” (54 secs.)

SIGNS (and time codes) in the above video.  Click to learn:

BABY (:34)
DRINK (:40)
— MOUTH (:50)

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Koko is The Voice of Nature

Koko asks us to protect Nature and our fellow animals.  SIGNS: Gorilla, Nature, Koko-Love, Man, Stupid,  ProtectEarth, Flowers, Time, Hurry, Look/See (2 min.)

Koko and The Power of Choice

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Meet The Gorilla Foundation

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Koko Forgives Penny

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Koko Teaches Ape Doll to Sign

Koko molds her orangutan doll’s hands to sign DRINK. SIGNS:  Baby, Drink, Mouth (54 secs)