Koko is The Voice of Nature

In the above video, Koko delivers a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on the subject of Climate Change.  After being shown pictures in National Geographic of the effect climate change is having on other species and Nature, Koko expresses her sadness that humans can be so “stupid.”  But she doesn’t give up hope, and asks us to hurry and “Protect the Earth.” ( 2 min.)

SIGNS (and time codes) in the above video.  Click to learn:

NATURE (:20)
MAN (:30)
STUPID (:30)
EARTH (:30)
TIME (:30)
HURRY (:30)
LOOK/SEE (:50)

Kids4Koko Video Library

Koko is The Voice of Nature

Koko asks us to protect Nature and our fellow animals.  SIGNS: Gorilla, Nature, Koko-Love, Man, Stupid,  ProtectEarth, Flowers, Time, Hurry, Look/See

Koko and The Power of Choice

Koko reacts to a sad movie and selects other movies to watch later.  SIGNSFrown/Sad, Mother, Love (2 min.)

Meet Koko

Koko needs our help to save her species.  SIGNS:  Koko, Good, Gorilla, Sad/Frown, Help (30 secs)

Meet The Gorilla Foundation

A brief history of TGF, Koko’s home for 47  years.  SIGNS:  Koko, Help, Thanks  (3 min.)

Koko Forgives Penny

Penny forgets Koko’s drink and Koko forgives her.  SIGNS: Polite, Eat/Food, Drink, Apple, Penny (1 min.)

Koko Teaches Ape Doll to Sign

Koko molds her orangutan doll’s hands to sign DRINK. SIGNS:  Drink, Mouth, Koko-Love (30 secs)