Koko App Video Preview

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The Gorilla Foundation is actively developing the Koko App which will enable anyone to learn sign language from Koko and help make communication with more great apes possible.   Please watch the above video for a preview of how the Koko App will look and feel!

Koko, Michael and Ndume are three amazing gorillas who have taught the world so much about nature and animal consciousness through their ability to communicate with us in sign language and natural gestures.

The Koko App will enable people to learn Koko’s favorite signs, watch videos from Koko’s life, and be a tool for the public to help translate gorilla natural gestures by uploading videos obtained while visiting zoos or eco-tours in Africa, and be a unique tool for conservation!

To support the implementation of the initial version, to be released in 2023 (with your help) please donate now: koko.org/donate