Ndume’s Birthday 2015

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Videographer: Caregivers

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Gorillas like to celebrate their birthdays too!

Koko’s silverback companion, Ndume, celebrated his 34th birthday on Oct. 10, 2015, and everyone at the Gorilla Foundation (including Koko and her two kittens) joined in to make it a memorable day. Ndume got to enjoy some of his favorite foods, open presents from caregivers and Gorilla Foundation members, and play in his outdoor habitat, which was decorated with a dinosaur theme, selected and donated by a TGF member.  Meanwhile, Koko relaxed indoors with Penny and kittens Ms. Gray and Ms. Black, and enjoyed her own favorite treats and presents. Importantly, Ndume’s new caregivers (behind the camera) got to learn more about his likes and dislikes, so they can adapt his diet and enrichment options to make everyday feel like a mini-birthday for both gorillas.