Ndume Celebrates Koko’s Bday

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Videographer: Anthony Means

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Gorillas enjoy having their food presented in novel ways, especially if it's one of their favorite foods.

During Koko’s birthday celebrations, Ndume always gets a special day as well. For example, on July 4, 2015 (Koko’s Birthday) , Ndume’s room and yard were decorated with a special theme: the underwater world, with an emphasis on sharks. In this video Ndume is opening a shark pinata filled with one of his favorite treats … POPCORN. We hung the pinata high from a shelf in the large yard that he shares with Koko, and Ndume climbed up to retrieve it. It took very little effort for this strong silverback gorilla to pull apart the pinata and get his goodies.

Stay tuned for videos and photos of Ndume’s birthday party, on October 10. This year’s them is “Space” and Ndume will undoubtedly be exploring where “no man has gone before” … Coming soon.