Koko’s Birthday Carnival

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Videographer: Penny Patterson

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Gorillas can remember their birthdays, enjoy celebrating them, and play an active role in designing the festivities.

Koko’s caregivers outdid themselves this year and transformed her outdoor facility into a virtual “Carnival.” This video clip shows a few of the carnival “areas.” From the Popcorn Area (which is located near the High Wire area, and was intended for Ndume) to the Snow Cone Area (fake paper snowcones filled with nuts), to the Bumper Car Area (made of cardboard watermelon crates) to the Labyrinth Area ( a spooky tent-covered experience ), this was quite an unusual birthday for Koko. We hope that the combination of the Carnival experience coupled with her presents and feast and good company have made this birthday one of Koko’s favorites. It’s the very least we can do for this beloved great ape ambassador.