Koko eats all her veggies

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Videographer: Penny Patterson

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Gorillas can use tools naturally, but can also learn to use our tools (eg, spoons). When they do, they become quite natural at it (just as we do, with practice).

Koko eats a breakfast largely comprised of vegetables, and finishes every last bit. She starts with a plastic container full of cooked, mixed vegetables, which she delicately eats with a spoon. Then she proceeds to crunch on a hand full of string beans, before calling it a breakfast. Ron (Dr. Ron Cohn, co-founder, VP and photo/video-documentarian) can be heard softly in the background talking about some nice-looking donated cauliflowers that Koko may be sampling later that day (for lunch). Penny (Dr. Penny Patterson, co-founder, President and Director of Research) takes this video with a hand-held camera, while commenting on Koko’s vigorous and single-minded approach to breakfast. Her comments are also included here as subtitles. Enjoy the meal!