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Research/Care Blog: Polite Gorilla Meets New Team Member

As a newcomer to the Gorilla Foundation family, my interaction with the gorillas is limited. Ndume is still a bit wary of me. Although he tolerates my presence on the grounds, we haven't gotten very close to one another yet. Koko, on the other hand, has been Read more

Ndume's Birthday Treats (and Tricks) by Adrienne Mrsny

October is always a busy time at the Gorilla Foundation.  Ndume’s Birthday, on October 10th,  is the first major event of the month for the gorillas.  Planning for the unpredictable fall weather, we try to create activities for the Read more

Koko Hosts Pumpkin Design Contest for Students

This Halloween, the Gorilla Foundation hosted a Pumpkin Face Design Contest and invited students at Kings Mountain Elementary School in Woodside California to participate. About 80 students submitted their most creative pumpkin face designs for Koko, and some were quite fantastic. The winning design (shown at left) Read more

Cardboard Feeders: Green Enrichment by Adrienne Mrsny

1. Introduction Read more

Mission Ndume by Adrienne Mrsny

Holiday celebrations at the Gorilla Foundation are a chance to give the gorillas a day out of the ordinary. With a bit of imagination and a few key enrichment pieces, the yard and bedrooms can be transformed into a different world. For Ndume’s birthday this year (Oct. 10, 2008) we went as far out as you can get, Read more

Making a New Friend Tyler Robertson

As a new caregiver at the Gorilla Foundation it’s hard to know what to expect from the first few months of training. You understand your job title (gorilla caregiver) and your supposed role, but there’s really no way of understanding what you’ll really be doing until your training begins. For the Read more

Ndume Weighs In by Adrienne Mrsny

Using operant conditioning to motivate Ndume to cooperate in health-related tasks is an enjoyable and challenging job that I feel lucky to have. I have worked with him on big tasks (sitting in the Gorilla Bungalow building and letting me close him in, to prepare him for spending the night there) and small tasks Read more

Ndume's Birthday 'Camp' by Adrienne Mrsny

When I design the gorillas' parties I look for things that are universally fun for humans and can be successfully translated to be just as fun for the gorillas. This year's birthday theme for Ndume (Oct. 10) came from an idea I had for a simple daily enrichment event. Upon thinking about it further I realized the Read more

Koko's Birthday Getaway by Adrienne Mrsny

Birthdays come only once a year. It is always a great excuse for celebration, a chance to relax and often times a reason to get away. For Koko’s birthday we weren’t exactly able to get her a first class ticket to a tropical isle. So, instead we did the next best thing, we brought paradise to her. On Read more

'Eat Like a Gorilla for a Day' by Betsy Herrelko

Caregiver's Corner: Free-living gorillas are often on the move looking for food. Eating from at least 97 different species of plants and trees, an adult male can consume over 40 pounds of food in one day. At the Gorilla Foundation, with selections from a Read more

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