An important part of the Gorilla Foundation’s mission is to apply our interspecies communication research — and Koko’s motivational power — to educate the public about what gorillas are really like, how we can communicate with them, what we can learn from them, and how we can help them both in free-living and captive settings. We are working on new educational resources that leverage both technology and partnerships.


Multimedia school and scientific presentations Incorporate the results of our research, and through video clips create a glimpse of what it’s like to communicate with a gorilla. Koko challenges us to be better humans. Learn more



The book Koko’s Kitten has become a classic for elementary schools, but is also being used to teach reading and engender empathy in Africa. We also have books for other age groups. Learn more



Includes In 2000, the award-winning PBS Nature documentary, A Conversation with Koko, was released. Since then, a lot of new content has been released in more bite-size form on Koko’s YouTube channel.  Learn more


Scientific Publications

Since the late 1970’s, The Gorilla Foundation has published over 50 papers on subjects emanating from its core program Project Koko. All are listed here, and a growing number have links for free download.  Learn more



Teachers (Collaborate)

A quick-reference for finding answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Koko and The Gorilla Foundation, and great apes in general.  Learn more