A Wish for Koko

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The heartwarming story of hope, about a young girl whose love for a gorilla named Koko became a call to action for the future of all gorillas, through her desire to communicate with them.

It is brought to life by Stella Machado, her family, teacher, and classmates at La Honda Elementary school in Woodside, California (see page 1) — a stone’s throw from where Koko and Penny lived their extraordinary lives together.


This book was created as a gift to The Gorilla Foundation.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Foundation
to help all the Kokos of the World.


Copyright © by Julie Brinckloe 2019
Grumpkin Press
All rights reserved.

Photographs and likenesses of Koko, Penny and Michael
© by Ron Cohn and The Gorilla Foundation

Koko’s Kitten © by Penny Patterson, Ron Cohn and
The Gorilla Foundation

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in whole
or in part without prior written consent of Julie Brinckloe
and The Gorilla Foundation.

Library of Congress
U.S. Copyright Office
Registration Number TXu 2-131-759 I
SBN 978-0-578-51838-1

A high-quality paperback version of the book
printed in the USA is available here.



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