In this section, we will offer ways that parents can help their kids understand the potential of “interspecies communication” to transform the world through our relationship with other animals and Nature.

We will also suggest ways for parents can support both The Gorilla Foundation and their kids, by purchasing awareness-raising products inspired by Koko, such as the Kids4Koko and All Gorillas are Kokos t-shirts and sweatshirts; the children’s books A Wish for Koko, Koko’s Kitten and Koko-Love, and the more advanced book, The Education of Koko.

Finally, we will help you help your kids share their content (eg, signing videos) through the Kids4Koko website, and understand the significance of the Kids4Koko Pledge which offers kids to play a more active role in the conservation of great apes and the natural world.

Stay tuned for more specific content here, expected by the summer of 2020.