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Koko signs “Cat”

Koko’s full name is Hanabi-ko, which is
Japanese for Fireworks Child. She was born on the Fourth of July. Every year, I have a party for Koko with cake, sparkling apple cider, and lots of presents.

Koko knows what birthdays are. When asked what she does on her birthday, Koko answered,
Eat, drink, (get) old.”

Three days before Koko’s party, I said, “I’m
going shopping today. What do you want for
your birthday?

Cereal there. Good there drink,” Koko signed.

“But what presents do you want? I asked. 

Cat,” answered Koko.
Later, she repeated, “Cat, cat, cat.”


“Sleep.” Koko and Penny


Koko’s Kitten   <  Page 2  >

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