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Koko’s Kitten Discussion

After reading the book, discuss the following questions with your friends and email your answers to  [email protected] and we’ll discuss them online, notify you, and give you credit when we do:

1) How did Koko learn t communicate?

2) Why didn’t Koko like the toy cat?

3) How did Koko feel when she got All Ball?

4) How did Koko feel when All Ball died?

5) Have you ever experienced the death of a companion animal or loved one?

6) What helped you feel better?

7) In what ways are Koko and humans alike?

8) Where do free-living gorillas live? Compare with the way Koko lives.

9) What happened to make gorillas an endangered species?

10) Can other gorillas communicate like Koko?

11) Do animals think and feel as people do?

12) Learn a phrase or two in ASL and converse.

13) Write a story about Koko; illustrate & post it.

14) Read the book Koko’s Kitten, and the related books, Koko-Love & Koko’s Story.

15) What do these books tell you about Koko?

16) How has your thinking about other living beings changed?

Koko’s Kitten Discussion

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