Michael’s Dream:  Actions

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Actions After Reading “Michael’s Dream”


1) Share this book by reading and discussing it with family and friends.


2) Draw pictures of Michael and his family, and post them in your home, in your classrooms and on the internet, so you will remember to be compassionate to all living beings.


3) Talk with friends and family about the sensitivities of gorillas, their personal kinship with humans, and the terrible effects of poaching and forest destruction.


4) Partner with your local leaders — elders, teachers, preachers, lawyers, doctors, business-people, politicians — to plan and implement projects that will make your community aware of Michael’s courageous story and will encourage people to behave compassionately towards all primates in the forests and in captivity.


5) Communicate with conservationists in your region to tell them how Michael’s story and your efforts have made local people want to protect wildlife and forests.


6) Meet with newspaper and magazine editors and reporters and help them write articles describin Michael’s story and. your compassionate conservation activities.


7) Contact [email protected] to tell us about your ideas and actions and questions.  If you wish, we’ll share your stories of compassion for all life her on kids4koko.org.



Michael’s Dream:   Actions

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